Delicious and Healthy Food Recipes, How to Make Simple Taro Ice Cream

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Delicious and Healthy Food Recipes, How to Make Simple Taro Ice Cream
Delicious and Healthy Food Recipes, How to Make Simple Taro Ice Cream-pinterest


There are various types of food made from taro. The content in taro and its unique taste are the reasons why many people consume it. Taro is a tuber originating from African, Asian, and American countries. Taro contains carbohydrates that are suitable for consumption as a substitute for rice or potatoes.

These tubers turn out to be some delicious foods. With taro-based, we can enjoy home-style luxury food. One of them taro can be processed into taro ice cream. Not only durian and strawberry, but we can also process it into ice cream.

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Ice cream is a dish commonly enjoyed by the nobility. Ice cream is the most popular frozen food in the world. Even at the time of Prophet Sulaiman AS, he liked iced drinks.

In the days of the Roman empire, King Nero Claudius Caesar (54-46 BC) often sent his soldiers to the snowy mountains to collect ice and then mix it with fruit or make juice.

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A thousand years later, Marco Polo, known as an explorer, returned to Italy after he explored the East. He brought the recipe that became known as the Sorbet.

This sorbet is almost the same as ice cream but is made of snow mixed with fruit, water, and sugar but this sorbet does not use cream or milk.

And historians estimate that the recipe brought by Marco Polo evolved into ice cream in the 16th century.

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It sounds strange if taro can be processed into ice cream. This food has a unique color. Here's how to make tuning ice cream that refreshes the throat during the day.
• 250 grams of taro, cut into pieces and steamed until soft
• 250 ml coconut milk from coconut
• 100 grams of sugar
• 25 grams of cornstarch
• teaspoon salt
• 3 sheets of gelatin, soak and squeeze, and team until dissolved
• 50 grams of cream powder
• 300 ml cold water
• teaspoon essence paste
• 5 drops of pink food coloring

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How to make:
• Combine cream powder, cold water, paste essence, pink coloring in a bowl, beat until half fluffy. After that, chill in the fridge
• Blend taro with coconut milk until soft. Add sugar, salt, and cornstarch. Boil while stirring until it boils and thickens
• Add gelatin solution, stir until smooth
• Add the cream mixture that has been made little by little, while slowly beating
• Freeze in freezer
• Ready to be served/put

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