Here are the Coolest Hotels in Indonesia that You Must Try

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Here are the Coolest Hotels in Indonesia that You Must Try
Here are the Coolest Hotels in Indonesia that You Must Try-pinterest


Indonesia has a variety of tourist attractions, the beauty of the famous archipelago to foreign countries makes this place often visited by local or foreign tourists.

Currently, the number of hotels in Indonesia is increasing, and to be able to compete, hotels are no longer enough to provide beds and restaurants with good food. Since now is the Instagram era, hotels that look beautiful in photos are an added value that can invite people to come and stay at that place.

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Here are 5 unique hotels in Indonesia

Pacific Palace Hotel – Batam
In the form of a cruise ship, Pacific Palace Hotel Batam offers a cruise ship-style stay, perfect for those of you who are seasick. Not only is the shape like a cruise ship, but this hotel also provides the same facilities as you can find on a cruise ship launching

Tree Inn, Batu – Malang
If you visit Batu, Malang, and play at the Batu Secret Zoo or Animal Museum, you will definitely see this hotel. This hotel is so eye-catching. Not because it's on a tree, but the building of the Tree Inn resembles a very unique tree trunk.

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The hotel with its interior and exterior design is thick with animal nuances and is located in the middle of the tourist attractions of Jawa Timur Park 2, which is a comfortable place to travel for you and your family. It is flanked by two interesting tourist attractions, the Animal Museum and Batu Secret Zoo.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House, Bali
In addition to the building made of bamboo, the hotel is 6 floors high and has 4 bedrooms. It is unique in the form of a bamboo-shaped entrance that will take you directly to the 4th floor. The surrounding scenery is not amazing because it is located on the edge of the Ayung River.

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The Highland Park Resort Hotel, Bogor
With a conical roof shape, you will enjoy a tent with facilities like a five-star hotel. The size of the tents also varies, ranging from tents for 2 people to tents for 28 people.
In addition to enjoying a Mongolian-style stay, you can also enjoy the various facilities available, such as a swimming pool, spa, table tennis, and various outdoor games, such as mini-golf and flying fox.

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The Bubble Hotel Bali
Unlike other hotels which have a clearly stated address, The Bubble has a secret location that you can only find out after making a reservation. As the name implies, staying here means that you will live in a room shaped like a bubble.
Those are some unique hotels in Indonesia that you must try./rs

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