Tourist Destinations in Bali Padang Savana Tianyar with Exotic Grass

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Tourist Destinations in Bali Padang Savana Tianyar with Exotic Grass
Tourist Destinations in Bali Padang Savana Tianyar with Exotic Grass-pinterest


Bali has a variety of cultures to tourist destinations that have their own charms. Bali which until now has become a paradise for tourists. Always offers a variety of natural beauty that soothes the heart and mind.

One of the tourist destinations that offer green natural beauty is the Tianyar Savana. This tourist destination is already famous for its atmosphere like in Africa. With a wide meadow and there is a towering Mount Agung.

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A view that is perfect for releasing fatigue from being tired of activities, an atmosphere that is much safer than the atmosphere in Africa makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

The location of the prairie which is very close to Mount Agung is very giving a lot of grace. However, this location is very dangerous because it is a dangerous affected location when Mount Agung erupts.

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The existence of Savana Tianyar is increasingly adding to the list of interesting tourist attractions in the Karangasem area of ​​East Bali. This very Instagramable place is very suitable to be included in the list of tours that you must visit.

However, one thing you need to know is that the Tianyar Savana may change over time, this is due to the fact that Tianyar is a sand mining area and also a residential area.

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For the location itself, Tianyar itself is very easy to find on google maps. The location which is about 77 km from Denpasar city only takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, from the center of Amlapura City itself, it is only about 40 meters and from the Tulamben tourist attraction, it is about 16 km.

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To enter this area you do not need to pay a fee because this area is still free, this is because there is no party that manages it, very interesting isn't it. Besides that, you can also take pictures, camp, and enjoy other fun things, so what are you waiting for, pack your things right away to enjoy a free meal in the wild./put

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