Tourist Destinations Like in Korea Turns Out to Be in Indonesia

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Tourist Destinations Like in Korea Turns Out to Be in Indonesia
Tourist Destinations Like in Korea Turns Out to Be in Indonesia/pinterest


Indonesia is very familiar with Korean culture, most of which are teenagers and even adults. They like various knick-knacks from films to Culinary and even Korean Culture.

Traveling to the land of Ginseng is of course the dream of many people while enjoying the beauty they imagined.

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Who would have thought you could also enjoy the feel of Korea without having to go all the way to the K-Pop country?

Here are 6 Korean-style tourist attractions in Indonesia that you can visit.

Celosia Happy And Fun – Semarang

Celosia Happy and Fun is a playground that has many modern rides, one of which is a Korean-style photo spot. Here you will be presented with Korean-style scenery and atmosphere. Starting from cherry blossoms, colorful Korean buildings, and Hanbok that you can wear. To rent a Hanbok, you only need to spend around 50 thousand rupiahs.

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Dae Jang Geum – Yogyakarta

Starting from the beach, mountains, and natural panoramas will spoil your eyes. However, in Yogyakarta, there is also a place that gives Korean vibes. Dae Jang Geum is a typical Korean restaurant. Not only about the food, the atmosphere, interior, and architecture are also unique like Korea.

Jatim Park 3 Batu

In Jatim park there is a place called The Legend Star where you will find replica locations from various countries in the world, you will find Gyeongbok Palace which is one of the popular tourist destinations in South Korea. The building there is also equipped with cherry blossoms and a statue of its guardian, Toppers. The more you feel, the Korean atmosphere in the Joseon Era.

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Little Seoul-Bandung

Bandung also doesn't want to lose, Guys, from the name alone, it's clear, everything is about Seoul which is the capital city of South Korea. Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, built a Korean tourist destination in Bandung called Little Seoul. Actually, this is a typical Korean culinary place on Jalan Sawunggaling, Bandung. You can find a variety of Korean ornaments, from buildings with culinary views to Korean-style clothes.

Korean Fantasy Tour-Kediri

This tour offers a feel like being in South Korea. There is a bridge that is very similar to being in Korea, and Korean-style buildings you can find on Korea Fantasy Tour. For photo spots on the Korea Fantasy Tour, there is no need to doubt because there are so many, and certainly very suitable for those of you who like Korean nuances.

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Harau Valley - West Sumatra

The Harau Valley in West Sumatra is indeed very famous in West Sumatra. Harau Valley is located in Payakumbu, Limapuluh Koto Regency. What attracts Korean lovers is the warehouse building which is very similar to the school building in Korea, and there is one barren tree in the middle of the Harau Valley building so that it gives the impression that it is very similar to the Korean atmosphere.

Those are some tourist destinations for you lovers of the country of Ginseng, let's go around Korea immediately through the Indonesian Tourism / Hospital

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