The Mystery of the Ghost Sent That Makes People Sick But Medically Healthy

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The Mystery of the Ghost Sent That Makes People Sick But Medically Healthy
The Mystery of the Ghost Sent That Makes People Sick But Medically Healthy foto:pinterest


Indonesian society is still very thick with various beliefs that relate to spirits. Although now we live in an era that is increasingly developing with technology or knowledge.

This can not ensure that people will no longer believe. With that trust, they will get what they want instantly or quickly. Even to the point that they take revenge on someone by using a ritual or sending illness.

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Many people know him as a sent ghost. Usually, this sent ghost is used when revenge because of jealousy or dislike the person is happier than him.

People who use such techniques will usually make the house uncomfortable and can even cause disease. When the person who lives in the house is sick but is said to be medically okay, it might be because of a sent ghost.

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Not the only disease, some animals indicate that the house is being targeted by ghosts. Usually, these animals are lizards, flies, maggots, which are some of the manifestations of the jinn to make the house uncomfortable. There are also centipedes, usually used for someone who is not liked.

Not only animals they will send other creatures of various forms. Such as in the form of a kuntilanak to a large black monkey that always stays at home even though it has been expelled. But they won't leave if they are dismissed for intruding.

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A person who has a supernatural agreement with a spirit to do something will usually continue before the agreement is terminated.

In addition, several ways are believed that this method will reduce or even repel the magic. Usually, people believe it because it has been done long ago by their ancestors. One way is to spread saltwater in the corners of the house and even around the house.

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some people use magic to make the ghost delivery run perfectly. But even though we have felt strange things like pain in his body. To avoid sound to others, it's a good idea to check with the nearest doctor or clinic.

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