Recipe for making Balinese Kuwut Ice

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Recipe for making Balinese Kuwut Ice
Recipe for making Balinese Kuwut Ice/pinterest


One of the typical Balinese drinks is Kuwut Ice which is quite famous because of its sweet and slightly sour taste from a mixture of fresh fruit. The choice of Balinese people to drink in the hot sun by enjoying the view on the edge of the Bali beach.

Ingredients :
- 2 young coconuts
- 6 tbsp melon syrup
- Basil 7 tbsp
- 5 limes
- Shaved ice to taste
- Liquid sugar to taste

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Steps :
1. Prepare all the ingredients on the table
2. Scrape the young coconut with a tool, then put it in a bowl
3. Soak basil seeds in warm water
4. Squeeze the lime then separate the water only
5. Cut only 1 lime in a round shape to add flavor to the Kuwut Ice
6. After that put all the ingredients into a beautiful glass then add melon syrup, liquid sugar, and shaved ice to taste
7. Then stir slowly - the land you made after that the Kuwut Ice is ready to be served

very easy isn't it, especially if you make Ice Kuwut with family or relatives to make it more fun, good luck and hopefully it's useful!/BA

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