5 Balinese Drinks, You Must Try Their Aromatic Taste and Freshness

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5 Balinese Drinks, You Must Try Their Aromatic Taste and Freshness
5 Balinese Drinks, You Must Try Their Aromatic Taste and Freshness - pinterest


It's not complete if we visit the Island of the Gods without trying the typical drinks available there, not only fresh Balinese drinks are also very rich in benefits for body health because the exotic taste is like a combination of juice and herbs.

Make sure you don't miss the freshness of the drinks below:

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Some of you may know the term loloh as herbal medicine that is often given to small children. But the case is different with drinks that come from Bali.

Yes, loloh is a description of the culinary flavors of the archipelago that are very difficult to compare with others. How come?

In one glass of loloh, you will be faced with four taste sensations at once, namely salty, spicy, sweet, and sour.

Loloh itself is a typical drink in Bali with the raw material of cemcem leaves. As for the properties of the gods to facilitate digestion and lower blood pressure. Loloh is also good for breastfeeding mothers.

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It seems a lot of drinks in the city of Bali are made by including coconut as the main composition. Yes, call it tambring. This legendary drink, which at first glance almost resembles kopyor, is worthy of your proof of enjoyment.

If in kopyor coconut water is mixed with syrup to produce a sweet taste, then it is different with tambring which chooses Javanese tamarind as the original flavor.

This typical drink in Bali is also famous among tourists because of its unique blend of flavors that is second to none. This happens because the gravy from tambring is mixed with a mixture of tamarind and egg white.

If you are on vacation in Bali, trying the delicacy of tambring under the hot sun can be your cure for interesting culinary tours in the archipelago.

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3.Ginger Tea
As the name implies, you can already guess what the main components of this healthy and easy drink are.

A mixture of ginger deliberately dissolved in a glass of tea will give you a warm and relaxing feeling. Especially when you serve this drink in the morning or rainy season.

If you are interested in making your own ginger tea, you can use any type of tea including bagged tea.

Then make sure you get quality ginger with a clean washing step first before you mix it in the tea. Also, know the dose you should apply. Do not be unbalanced or exaggerate one of the ingredients.

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4. Ice Kuwut
Again, coconut in Balinese cuisine does occupy a dominant role. Besides kopyor and tambring, you can prove the freshness of coconut with its soft flesh in a bowl of ice kuwut. The name kuwut itself is taken from the Balinese language which means coconut.

Well, if coconut ice is usually served with jelly or syrup, this ice kuwut which offers a delicious and refreshing sensation is served with melon.

The addition of ingredients in the form of ice basil, cantaloupe, and slices of lime is guaranteed to make you feel literate.

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5. Coconut Kopyor Ice
You may already be very familiar with this dish that can make you addicted. Especially if you eat it when it's hot.

Wow, surely the freshness offered by this choice of coconut will make you addicted to trying it again and again, right?.

Apart from its delicious taste, this typical drink in Bali is indeed formulated with the main ingredient of kopyor coconut which has soft flesh even though the fruit is old. Then combined with syrup, gelatin, and ice at the same time.

This drink is also a prima donna in Bali because of the delicious sensation when drinking it.

How fresh is it to drink? You will definitely regret it if you don't enjoy the uniqueness of the drink with different variants and it's definitely delicious. (NN)

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