Facts and Explanations About Zebra Colors

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Facts and Explanations About Zebra Colors
Facts and Explanations About Zebra Colors - unsplash


One of the animals that are considered an exotic animal makes many people want to see it in person. Zebra is an animal on the African continent that has a unique skin color.

There are some people who talk about the true color of the zebra. Many question the true color of the zebra, black with white stripes or white with black stripes.

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Zebra is actually a black animal with white stripes.

The reason is, the Zebra's basic skin is black so its fur is also black. While the white stripes are part of the skin that lacks pigmentation.

Unlike the spots on the leopard's body, the stripes on the zebra's body can change. Zebras that are in warmer temperatures will have a lot of stripes on their bodies.

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Uniquely, every Zebra has stripes that are not uniform, aka have stripes that are unique to each other.

Based on the journal "Royal Society Open Science, this phenomenon shows that one of the reasons for the stripes on the Zebra's skin is to maintain the Zebra's body temperature from the weather. In addition, it turns out that the stripes are also useful as a disguised tool to protect themselves from predators out there and as identification for fellow Zebras.

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An optical illusion will be created due to the black and white stripes on the skin of the Zebra which can create camouflage to avoid attacks by predators such as the African lion.

The black and white stripes on the Zebra are also very useful for dealing with flies which are one of the main enemies that disturb the Zebra's comfort.

The stripe can cause a reflection of polarized light so that it can scare off nuisance flies.

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