Who here has exotic skin but is still confused about the color of clothes and accessories? This is the color that fits

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Who here has exotic skin but is still confused about the color of clothes and accessories? This is the color that fits
Who here has exotic skin but is still confused about the color of clothes and accessories? This is the color that fits/pinterest


Sometimes we, who are women with exotic skin, are quite dizzy, so if we have to choose or even buy clothes or if we wear clothes and accessories, we have to mix and match really, plus the details, so that they are not too small, low-key, or too tacky. Have you ever felt that way, pal? Have you ever been stressed, my friend, especially for girls who are reading this article, if so, how long is the stress?

That's a challenge and gratitude itself, really, buddy. Just like the test of life, how we deal with it is the most important. Not everything has to be dizzy either because if it's the little things that always make us sensitive to ourselves to the point that it brings us to stress, let alone disease, I hope all of you, Mata Jateng, are always healthy here, it's definitely better to just forget about it slowly but surely, pal.

Okay, this time Mimin wants to share tips and tricks for friends who are particularly brown-skinned, aka if people from abroad say we are exotic

But it's true, you know, it's not uncommon for us to see or know a lot of Asian women with brown skin making love with men from other continents.

There are some unique reasons, I heard that I want to improve my offspring or in a more subtle sense: I want my baby to be handsome or beautiful.

As for the admin, it's not that I don't agree, but after all, the phrase "improves offspring" seems to justify that humans from abroad aka white people are beautiful and handsome (uh, backward, sorry). And so on, louder and sarcastic gives the meaning that those with slightly dark skin are not beautiful and handsome

However, that's not how it should be defined. Everything has been arranged according to their respective portions. Sometimes even beautiful and handsome ones also experience many 'challenges and tests' in their lives, for example: being tested for their loyalty to their partners who (God forbid, don't let Buddy Mata here be like that) yes they are cheated on, oops. Or cheating on your own partner? don't let it happen, pal. Hold on to your relationship until the storm ends and death separates them!

What are some tips for choosing the right color of clothes or accessories for dark-skinned women? It's also more lively than navy and is suitable for any event or occasion.

- Maroon

Red means courage and strength, even this color does not hesitate to show charisma and authority. Don't be ashamed to wear clothes of this color, because Mimin is not uncommon for a group of women with exotic skin.

- Emerald
Well, here it is again. Really good! Try wearing an emerald dress or mix and match with black shoes, it's definitely cool and elegant!

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- Violet
Violet is synonymous with the impression of romance. Wearing accessories or clothes with this color can also give the impression of mental stability and energy buddy

- Yellow gold (Golden)
Just imagine gold. Precious metals match any skin tone, right? Well, there's nothing wrong with trying this color of clothes or accessories too!

- Pink
Pink with a color like light rose definitely suits your skin, try it!

- White
White is undeniably a neutral color and is suitable for any human skin tone.

- Orange
Wearing contrasting and cheerful colors like orange and yellow also makes your day bright

- Bright yellow
If a pale yellow color is used on a slightly white human skin, it can give the impression of being 'lively'. It's different if you use light yellow on slightly darker skin, it actually makes our charm radiate. Don't hesitate to mix and match this color with your accessories.

- Lavender
Like violets, lavender is slightly different from violets. And no less quirky to apply to our exotic skin.

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