Fresh Drink Recipes, How to Make Rice Flour Cendol Quickly and Precisely

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Fresh Drink Recipes, How to Make Rice Flour Cendol Quickly and Precisely
Fresh Drink Recipes, How to Make Rice Flour Cendol Quickly and Precisely/pinterest


When hunting for fresh drinks, cendol is perfect to enjoy. Cendol is one of the drinks that are easy to find. This drink that comes from Sunda is favored by various groups.

Drinks that are served when cold with the addition of brown sugar become cendol, perfect for quenching thirst. In addition to brown sugar, cendol is also added with coconut milk so that it is sweet and savory, and fresh when it enters the throat.

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The shape of the cendol is small like a match and the texture is soft and chewy. It turned out that it was originally made from make flour. Flour is derived from green beans. However, now cendol can be made using rice flour.

Although different, cendol flour will taste delicious and soft, and chewy if you manage it properly. In addition to being found in various regions, cendol can also be made with the right ingredients and manufacturing processes such as the following.

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-130 grams of rice flour
-650 ml of water
-2 tablespoons of sago flour
- pandan paste to taste
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-ice cubes as needed

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Ingredients for sugar gravy:
-300 grams of brown sugar
-1 pandan leaf knot
-200 ml of water
Ingredients for coconut milk:
-65 ml of instant coconut milk
-250 ml of water
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla
-1 sheet of knotted pandan leaves.

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Ways of making:
-Put water, rice flour, sago flour, pandan paste, and salt into a saucepan
-Mix well
-Cook over low heat, while stirring
-Keep stirring until it thickens
-Put the dough into a plastic triangle, just make a small hole
-Prepare a small basin filled with water and ice cubes
-Press the dough in the plastic until it goes into the ice water, if it's finished, then set it aside
-For the sugar gravy, add brown sugar, pandan leaves, and water into another pot
- Boil the sugar gravy until it boils
-Stir so that the sugar dissolves faster
-Next prepare the ingredients for the coconut milk
-Combine all the ingredients for the coconut milk and stir, then bring to a boil
-Prepare a serving glass
- Enter the cendol, coconut milk, and sugar gravy
-Cendol rice flour is practically ready to be served.(PUT)

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