Wet Spring Rolls Recipe in a Simple Way

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Wet Spring Rolls Recipe in a Simple Way
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Wet spring rolls are a dish of food that is processed using fairly simple ingredients and uses vegetables as the filling. This food is quite simple because usually this food is enjoyed without using rice.

Toge is a vegetable cooked with selected spices and rolled using spring rolls. This food can be found easily in every area.

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In addition to wet spring rolls, it turns out there are also dry spring rolls. Although wet or dry spring rolls are made from spring roll skin, the texture and taste are different. Both of these dishes can be made at home.

This time DEPOSTBALI will tell you the recipe for wet spring rolls with the following ingredients.


Spring roll skin 10 sheets
Bengkoang large size and cut lengthwise
toge - 100 gr
eggs - 3 eggs

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Spice :

Garlic 2 cloves
Salt 1 teaspoon
Pepper 1 teaspoon
3 chilies (adjust to taste)
Brown sugar 2 tablespoons
Sago 3 tablespoons
Maizena 1 tablespoon

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Prepare all the ingredients. Then add brown sugar.
Wash the sprouts and chop the yam like matches.
Prepare all the ingredients. Boil water.
Then add brown sugar and boil until melted.
Then enter the yam, which has been chopped like matches.
Lift the yam if it is a bit weak.
Enter the sago that has been mixed with cornstarch. Stir in sugar water until thickened.
Turn off the fire. Set aside.
Saute the ground spices.
Then add the beaten eggs.
Enter the yam and finally toge.
Taste correction.
Arrange the spring roll skin on top of the container, then pour a few tablespoons of stir-fried yam.(PUT)

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