Exercise is a solution to become an ideal body

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Exercise is a solution to become an ideal body
Exercise is a solution to become an ideal body/unsplash


Sport is one of the activities that are good for the health of the body. By exercising can help stimulate the muscles and other body parts so that our bodies become healthy and fit.

We all often hear that many people say "You don't need to exercise too long, you don't need to exercise too hard, the important thing is to sweat."

So with sweat, they assume that fat will come out too. First of all, we must know what sweat is and why our bodies sweat.

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Sweat is water secreted by sweat glands in the pores of our body. Then why do we sweat? Our bodies sweat is actually to regulate body temperature or regulate the temperature in our bodies. So our bodies will secrete fluids, namely sweat which aims to keep our body temperature from being too high.

So if our bodies can not sweat, then the heat will accumulate in our bodies. And finally will interfere with the metabolism in our body.
When we sweat, what comes out is our body fluids. Not fat in our body. When we exercise, our bodies burn calories. But that doesn't mean fat comes out with our sweat.

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And this also applies to those who think that exercising until sweating can make the body thin. This assumption is not 100% wrong and not 100% correct. Depends on what kind of exercise and how the diet.

If you sunbathe, then sweat without doing physical activity, the chances of losing fat in your body are very small. And it may not burn your fat at all. If you do this for 1 hour, you will only become dehydrated from losing so much fluid.

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Many also exercise during the day, at 12/1 pm wearing a thick jacket to force the body to sweat more, and they are satisfied afterward because their weight has dropped drastically. But after you consume fluids, after you eat again, then your weight will return to normal. Because what comes out is only fluid in your body.

What's the danger if you do it continuously and you reduce the amount of your drinking? Maybe you are afraid you will gain weight again. Eventually, you will become dehydrated.

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Maybe your kidneys will work harder, your heart will work harder because of this. The fat itself in our bodies is stored under the skin or is called subcutaneous fat. This fat is not harmful to you.

Then there is more fat stored in our body cavities, which is called visceral fat. This is what is dangerous because this fat is stored in the organs of the body and can cause performance problems in our organs.

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For example, fatty liver or your liver is wrapped in fat.

Automatically your heart can not pump blood properly. Then fat in the blood vessels. Fat that sticks to the walls of blood vessels. It is also a bad fat.
"I'm already sweating, it means my fat has come out".

Not so. In essence, if we want to burn fat or lose fat, exercising hard is not enough. We also have to balance with the right diet.

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