Snacks that are Hits in Indonesia

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Snacks that are Hits in Indonesia
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Every year foods always appear, especially snacks because almost everyone likes to snack. In 2021, there are lots of snacks that hit, of course, they have a variety of flavors and shapes that are appetizing. So that culinary entrepreneurs try to create new and different innovations to attract attention and sell well in the market.
Let's look at the recommendations for 5 snacks that are more popular in Indonesia.

Dalgona candy was popular after the release of the Korean drama which is currently booming, namely Squid Game which was shown in one of the episodes where participants had to cut the candy mold without breaking it. Because of its popularity, MSMEs take advantage of the opportunity to sell Dalgona Candy which is sold at affordable prices, meanwhile, if you are interested in making Dalgona candy, it is very easy with the main ingredients used to make it, including sugar and baking soda. The way to make it is also very practical, namely:
- pour the sugar into the vegetables with an iron spoon over low heat
- After the sugar melts, add enough baking soda and stir until it is brown and foamy
After that, pour it into a baking sheet that has been lined with silicone
- Before it hardens, immediately print it with the shape of your taste mold
- Let stand 2-3 minutes. Dalgona candies are ready to be tasted or cut into molds.

One of the contemporary snacks that are viral is now being loved by the people of Indonesia, namely Croffle. Croffle stands for Croissant waffle which is made by putting croissant dough into a waffle mold.
Coffle is a sweet snack from the country of ginseng that is already popular in 2020, but now it is popular with the Indonesian people after a viral South Korean singer named Kang Min-Kyung in a video shows croffle as his favorite snack. This coffle has a sweet, savory, crunchy taste and is more delicious when adding toppings such as Cinnamon, Chocolate Jam, Ice Cream, Cheese, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam, and many others to add a variant that shakes your tongue. Suitably accompanied by a cup of coffee, of course, there are already many cafes and marketplaces that provide Croffle on their menu.

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Birthday cakes are generally large, but do you know what is now a minimalist birthday cake that is packaged like a lunch box, called Lunch Box Cake from Korea. Being loved by the people of Indonesia, with packaging using minimalist sized styrofoam, of course, it is practical to carry everywhere, this cake is coated with buttercream which is decorated as attractively as possible. Usually, this Lunch Box Cake is priced below Rp. 50,000. It's suitable as a gift on a special day for loved ones and makes the birthday moment a Korean-style aesthetic.

This one snack is viral and hits too because with the development of today's Boba becomes a dessert topping. This time, Boba is different, usually as a topping for drinks, now it's a topping for toast sprinkled with cream cheese, caramel, and various jams. This Boba Toast has succeeded in becoming a hit snack because it tastes delicious, so many cafes provide Boba Toast menus and many outlets have opened this Boba Toast business. The price ranges from Rp. 20,000. Suitable for business ideas because of easy ingredients.

Corn dogs from Uncle Sam's country only contain sausage stuffing while corn dogs from Korea contain sausages plus Mozzarella cheese and some are coated with fried potatoes, added with spicy sauce, tomato sauce, and mayonnaise toppings to make the taste more delicious and shake the tongue. In addition to sausage and mozzarella contents, now there are also those containing melted chocolate, melted Greentea, and many others with a sweet taste, this Corn dog has been sold in various food courts and online at affordable prices./BA

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