5 Types of Food that Have Existed Since the Colonial era Zaman

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5 Types of Food that Have Existed Since the Colonial era Zaman
5 Types of Food that Have Existed Since the Colonial era Zaman - pinterest


In addition to being rich in culture and customs, Indonesia is rich in culinary delights with typical Indonesian spices. It turns out that in Indonesia foods have existed since the colonial era and were even famous at that time.

The has ended but there are still remnants of this event. It is not weapons or bombs that are still left in Indonesia, but food.

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The colonizers who tried to dominate Indonesia brought many influences ranging from culture to even food. Here are 5 foods that have existed since the colonial era.

1. Corn Rice
Some Indonesian people still don't know about this one food. Even though this food has been around since colonial times. This food is said to be unique because usually rice is made from rice. This rice turns out to be made from corn.
Corn rice can be consumed as a substitute for regular rice or rice. The carbohydrate content in it is one of the reasons people used to eat corn rice.

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2. Lapis Legit
This food has been quite famous since colonial times until now. The difference is that during the colonial era this food was known as spekkoek.
This food is traditional Indonesian food. The first time this wet cake has existed since the Dutch colonial era, which was inspired by European cakes. Therefore the taste is similar to European cakes, but there is a taste of spices in it.

3. Stews
This stew comes from the Dutch word smoor which means meat that is boiled with onions and tomatoes for a long time. In Indonesia, it is growing with the addition of spices, and not only stewed meat eggs can also be jengkol stew.
History shows that spiced boiled meat dishes in Indonesia have been known since the 9th century AD.

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4. Cakes
This food actually comes from the Netherlands, fried potatoes made from. The term for naming the cake itself comes from the Dutch "Frikadel". The existence of this food is one proof that the Dutch had an influence on Indonesia with their food. The original version of this cake in Europe is made with minced meat.

5. Pinch Cake
Cubit cake is a very popular snack among people. This food is actually adapted from a snack from the Netherlands. This food is also one of the Dutch influences that entered Indonesia. (put)

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