These are Weird But Real Health Facts You Must Know

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These are Weird But Real Health Facts You Must Know
These are Weird But Real Health Facts You Must Know - unsplash


Everyone wants a healthy body. However, not everyone gets healthY, especially in the organs of his body. Until some people go abroad for treatment.

And you need to know that there are many herbal plants that can prevent your disease and even reduce and help to heal. In addition to medicinal plants, fruits, exercise, and adequate rest can increase the body's immunity.

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Many ways are used to live a healthy life, just by avoiding things that are quite simple. Here are some strange but real health facts you need to know.

1. Using a cell phone is better for the left ear to answer the phone because the right ear is closer to the brain. In addition, when the battery is less than 10% it is better not to receive calls because the radiation increases up to 1000 times.
2. If taking tablets or pills it is advised not to sit or lie down after taking them. Better to go for a walk first or do some activities, if health allows.
3. Strawberries are famous for their deliciousness. However, only a few people know that this fruit has the ability to neutralize uric acid. By drinking a glass of juice three times a week can neutralize uric acid.

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4. For those who do not drink milk, you should start trying to drink it because a glass of milk every day from a young age can prevent bone problems in old age.
5. We are encouraged to drink lots of water. It turns out that drinking more water during the day and less at night is good for digestion.
6. Eating basil leaves can prevent some types of cancer. Eating lemon every day can save fat accumulation.
7. Eating cherries every day can slow down aging because it is very high in antioxidants that can fight free radical damage. Eating cherries will calm your nerves.

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8. Eating celery every day will lower blood pressure, in addition to minimizing cancer, and can improve the health of gums and teeth.
9. Cheese contains a substance known as tryptophan, which can help minimize stress and insomnia. This substance is also believed to reduce migraines.
10. Most of us go to bed at 24.00 and wake up at 08.00 or 09.00. However, research says a good time is between 22:00 and 04:00.(put)

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