Health Facts Someone who sleeps late and wakes up is not lazy

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Health Facts Someone who sleeps late and wakes up is not lazy
Health Facts Someone who sleeps late and wakes up is not lazy (picture:unsplash)


Most people often do things that make people around them dislike it. But not everything that looks bad is not good. One of them is sleeping late and getting up late.

It's said that staying up late and getting up late isn't bad. Some studies show that waking up and going to bed late is in a better mood and lower stress hormones.

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People who have a habit of sleeping late and getting up late may often be labeled lazy.

But it turns out that those who wake up late actually have a better mood throughout the day than those who go to bed and wake up on time.

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Experts do not believe that the tendency to experience a bad mood getting up early is related to morning activities that will take longer to take care of various activities at one time, and busyness will continue throughout the day, so people feel frustrated, irritated and have less energy more quickly.

Conversely, people like to stay up late and wake up feeling more relaxed when going through the day.

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Researchers from the University of Westminster also found that people who go to bed on time and wake up early have higher levels of stress hormones. They also reported more frequent headaches, colds, chills, and muscle aches.

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