Unique Facts About Bali You Didn't Know

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Unique Facts About Bali You Didn't Know
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Bali has a variety of stories about culture and customs and even tourist attractions that have their charm. Bali has many unique hidden things and even some Indonesian people don't know about it.

some unique facts are stored in Bali even to the world besides tourist destinations. Bali is indeed one of the provinces in Indonesia that has different characteristics. Dominantly adhere to Hindu beliefs, Bali has different customs.

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You can only find this unique thing in Bali. Here are some unique facts that you can find in Bali.

Indonesia's Floating Toll Road is in Bali
Day by day, technological advances are becoming more sophisticated. One of them is the Indonesian floating toll road in Bali. In addition to the length of the Bali Mandara toll road, you can see the vastness of the ocean with blue water. The length of this toll road reaches 12.7 kilometers and is almost the same as the toll road in Canada.

Hotels in Bali are included in the ranks of luxury hotels in the world
The hotel is named Mandapa A Ritz-Carlton Reserve and Komaneka at Tanggayuda. This hotel is not only known as a luxury hotel but this hotel is also known for the natural beauty in Bali. Anyone who visits here will be presented with natural views that spoil the eye.

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The Island That Has the Most Holidays
Bali has various beliefs and customs. Usually, each village has different customs. So do not be surprised if the Province of Bali has the most holidays compared to other provinces in Indonesia. People who have different beliefs and different rituals make holidays in Bali reach 21 days.

The most beautiful village in Indonesia is in Bali
Bali has a stretch of rice fields and the vastness of the ocean combined with green trees makes Bali look beautiful. But it turns out that there is a village that is said to be the most beautiful in Indonesia. The village was named Panglipuran Village. In this peaceful, beautiful, and comfortable village you will find some typical Balinese houses.

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The World's Largest Dog Population
If you visit Bali, don't be surprised if you find many dogs roaming around. Almost every house in Bali Province keeps a dog as a guard. No wonder Bali has the nickname with the largest dog population in the world.

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