You Must Know, Characteristics of People Who Have Toxic Personalities

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You Must Know, Characteristics of People Who Have Toxic Personalities
You Must Know, Characteristics of People Who Have Toxic Personalities - unsplash


Everyone has a different personality and character. The same goes for the way he treats the people around him. Unbeknownst to him, he makes others uncomfortable by having a toxic personality.

Toxic doesn't just apply to romantic relationships. Toxic is also now present in family life, friendship, and even work.

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Dealing with people who are 'toxic', unknowingly will harm you. Here are some personality traits of someone who shows toxic.

Selfish, they don't think about other people's feelings and circumstances, they only think about their interests and personal comfort.

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Silently, they blame others for failing, generally, someone with a toxic personality doesn't believe in themselves. Is that you?

Possessive, they just want us to do activities and do whatever he wants, even they want us to just spend time with him until he gets angry with us.
Often rules our lives. There are many people in this life who don't like rules. Whatever we do will be wrong in his eyes if we follow the rules that he thinks are right.

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They are also irritable and have difficulty controlling their emotions, even small things can irritate them.

Do not hesitate to be cruel or demean others. Without thinking back and reflecting that he is not perfect.

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Often passive-aggressive, where they do negative and aggressive actions but are done indirectly, to manipulate others. Like for example quip and talk behind your back.

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