Omed-omedan or Mass Kiss, a Unique Tradition Only in Bali

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Omed-omedan or Mass Kiss, a Unique Tradition Only in Bali
Omed-omedan or Mass Kiss, a Unique Tradition Only in Bali (picture:Ist)


Not only tourist or culinary destinations, but Bali also has a million uniqueness in it. There is a unique tradition in Bali. Omed-omedan tradition or mass kissing.

According to some circles of Indonesian society, kissing the opposite sex before marriage is surprising. But in Bali, mass kissing is a tradition and is quite unique.

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This tradition of course only exists in Bali and really does not exist anywhere else only in Bali. This unique tradition is held regularly once a year.

Omed-omedan is a ceremony carried out in Bali by involving young people from Banjar Kaja, Sesetan, South Denpasar. Balinese people believe that performing this ceremony will get good luck.

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Omed-omedan is also known as the kissing ritual. This ritual can only be followed by unmarried people. The omed-omedan participants were from the age of 17-30 years old and unmarried.

Omed-omedan comes from the Balinese language which means attraction. This tradition is also carried out after Nyepi Day, which is on the day of ngembak geni to welcome the Saka New Year.

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The origin of this omed-omedan ceremony is not known for certain, but this tradition has existed since the ancestors and has been preserved from generation to generation.

To start this tradition begins with praying together to ask for salvation. After the prayer was finished, the participants were divided into two groups, namely men and women.

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Then face each other on Jalan Raya Sesetan Denpasar. Between the two groups of men and women, one person will be chosen, then the selected participants will face on both sides and be brought together. The two participants will lock their lips and then kiss while being doused with water. (put)

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