The Mystery of Bali's Trunyan Cemetery "Here We Are Kept Under a Tree"

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The Mystery of Bali's Trunyan Cemetery
The Mystery of Bali's Trunyan Cemetery "Here We Are Kept Under a Tree" (picture:screenshot/Ist)


If we talk about eating, it will not be far from what is called death. Everyone will experience birth and death. Of course, anything related to death has to do with mystery. One of them is Trunyan cemetery which is located in Trunyan Village, East side of Lake Batur, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Everyone who dies doesn't have to be buried in the ground, but even so, Trunyan's funeral is completely different. If someone dies, they usually use the Balinese Ngaben custom, but not at this funeral.

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You will feel goosebumps or horrified by the quite scary atmosphere at the cemetery. On the Sepangajang road to the cemetery, you will see human skulls arranged and some even lying around.

The presence of this human skull can be used as a clue to get to the top of the cemetery. Unlike funerals in general, the bodies here are not buried but stored under a tree and covered with woven bamboo, not forgetting to provide offerings.

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Usually, corpses that are not buried or stored will cause a foul smell. Surprisingly, in this cemetery, there are no men who smell bad even though the condition of the bodies in this cemetery is starting to rot.

The way that is done at this cemetery is one of the traditions in Trunyan Village. Only for the people of Trunyan Village who are married and have a natural death. Actually in Trunyan Village itself has 3 different types of graves.

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For the graves of babies and unmarried are equated with babies and buried. It's different if someone dies due to an accident or there is a disability, then they are buried in a different location, namely on the border of the village. And for this one funeral for those who are married and have a normal death.

The cost of the funeral is not so expensive, but he is provided with offerings and the things he needs during his life. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many clothes.

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The bodies here are not buried and do not stink because there is a large tree that emits a fragrance. This tree only exists in Trunyan Village, nowhere else. The name of this tree is Taru Menyan. The origin of the name of this village is also taken from the name of the Taru Menyan tree.(put)


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