The beauty of Lovina Beach which is equipped with special features in it

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The beauty of Lovina Beach which is equipped with special features in it
The beauty of Lovina Beach which is equipped with special features in it | Pinterest

DEPOSTBALI – Bali has become one of the tourist paradises in Indonesia by offering a variety of stunning tourist destinations. A tour that makes tourists come without feeling bored. Bali also keeps a variety of uniqueness in each region and even in every tourist destination.

The tourist attraction this time is Lovina Beach in North Bali. If you want a different holiday atmosphere, Lovina Beach is the destination. Because the natural scenery is still beautiful.

The name Lovina is taken from "Love" and "Ina" which means "Love Indonesia". Although this beach is rarely known by people, this one tourist destination has been known to the world of tourism.

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Initially, Lovina was the name of an inn for Anak Agung Panji Tisna, which had been established in 1953. At that time, the capital city of Bali was moved from Singaraja City to Denpasar. And the economic situation in the city of Singaraja is declining.

This makes tourism entrepreneurs decide to form a tourist destination in the Singaraja city area. Finally, Lovina was immortalized as the name of a beach in North Bali.

Lovina Beach has many features that make this beach different from other beaches. You can find exciting things while traveling on Lovina Beach.

The specialty is that Lovina Beach has black sand. Beaches in general have white sand, but Lovina Beach has black sand.

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Then you can see various dolphin attractions in the middle of the sea. This can attract the attention of visitors to witness the attraction of dolphins. Usually, there are 1-2 dolphins in the show.

And Lovina beach has calm waters. Usually, the beach has high waves. However, Lovina Beach has calm waters. Therefore it is quite safe if you want to swim on the shore or on the high seas. (PUT)

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