The Beauty of Padang Padang Uluwatu Beach in Bali with Exotic Natural Charm

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The Beauty of Padang Padang Uluwatu Beach in Bali with Exotic Natural Charm
The Beauty of Padang Padang Uluwatu Beach in Bali with Exotic Natural Charm - unsplash


Bali tourist destinations have been recognized by the world. As a paradise for Indonesia, Bali always has stories from cultural dances to tourism, culinary delights. Not a few tours are located in the province of Bali.

One of the tours this time that will be peeled by DEPOSTBALI is Padang Padang Beach. This beach is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

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Besides being known as Padang Padang Beach, this tourist attraction is also known as Labuan Sait Beach. This beach is famous for its enchanting natural beauty that makes the eyes do not want to blink.

Padang Padang Beach is one of the many beaches in Bali that are charming and attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. Stunning views with clear sea water and waving waves.

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There are several tours in Bali that can be said to be "hidden" in addition to the Hidden Canyon tourist attraction. It turns out that Padang Padang Beach is included in the category of hidden tourist objects.

Because of its hidden location, it is the main attraction for tourists who visit. To enter the Padang Padang Beach area, tourists must pass through a narrow road that resembles an alley or cave.

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Tourists pass through the cliffs and have to climb several stairs until the slope reaches 60 degrees. If you visit this tour, everything you do and everything you see and feel will be a different experience.

After passing through the hallway, you will see a stretch of soft white sand and hear the sound of the roaring waves. The clear water makes the atmosphere and the beauty of Padang Padang calm.

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And what is even more amazing is the sunset view that is no less interesting than other beaches in Bali. No wonder this place was once used as a shooting location for the Hollywood movie Eat-Pray-Love, played by Julia Robert. In addition, Michael Learn To Rock has also shot a video clip at Padang Padang Beach.

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