The Enchantment of Bali's Jasri Beach with Unique Cultural Heritage and Traditions

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The Enchantment of Bali's Jasri Beach with Unique Cultural Heritage and Traditions
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DEPOSTBALI – Enjoying tourism with natural charm, jasri beach is suitable as a destination. This tourist attraction located in the East Bali or Karangasem region presents natural beauty that refreshes the eye.

Jasri beach attractions may not be as popular as other beaches in Bali. However, jasri beach offers a beautiful view. The mountains around the coast complement the beauty of the Jasri beach.

Anyone who visits this tourist attraction will see a vast expanse of sand with the roar of the waves. And the natural beauty that is still beautiful. All beaches actually have unique characteristics, including this jasri beach.

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In addition to its beautiful nature, there is a unique cultural heritage and tradition. This tradition is known as ter-teran (role of fire). This cultural heritage has been passed down from generation to generation and is usually carried out every 2 years.

Jasri beach tourism object is able to provide a different sensation compared to other beaches. Jasri Beach has a calmer, more peaceful natural feel, and is still rarely visited by visitors.

The atmosphere on the beach Jasri makes the minds of the visitors become calmer. Coupled with the cool air makes breathing feels so smooth.

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Jasri Beach also has a black market, but still, Jasri Beach offers more. And Jasri Beach itself has three parts, namely East Jasri Beach, Menteng Beach, and Dalem Jasri Beach.

The east coast of jasri is commonly used for the purposes of melasti religious rituals. This ritual is a purification ceremony for objects that are considered sacred by Hindus.

Then Menteng beach is used by fishermen to go to sea. Therefore, it is not surprising that on Menteng Beach there are several boats that adorn the beach.
While the beach in Jasri has high waves and long waves. Dalem beach is perfect for visitors who like surfing.
And on jasri beach, visitors can see the sunset with beautiful sunset colors. Equipped with clear seawater.(PUT)

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