These are 5 Unique Traditions Only in Bali

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These are 5 Unique Traditions Only in Bali
These are 5 Unique Traditions Only in Bali - Pinterest


As a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali also has a variety of unique traditions. Not only Bali tourism is an attraction for tourists to vacation. One of them is to see Balinese traditions.

Not a few tourists vacation in Bali to see traditional performances from generation to generation. A tradition that is said to be unique and only exists in Bali. At certain times this tradition is held for various purposes. One of them is to get lucky.

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DEPOSTBALI will summarize 5 Unique Traditions and Only Found in Bali. Here's the tradition

1. Omed-omedan
This tradition of course only exists in Bali and does not exist anywhere else only in Bali. This unique tradition is held regularly once a year.

Omed-omedan is a ceremony carried out in Bali by involving young people from Banjar Kaja, Sesetan, South Denpasar. Balinese people believe that performing this ceremony will get good luck.

Omed-omedan is also known as the kissing ritual. This ritual can only be followed by unmarried people. The omed-omedan participants were from the age of 17-30 years old and unmarried.

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2. Surrounding
The mekepung tradition is an attraction for buffalo races originating from Jembrana Regency, West Bali. Hundreds of pairs of buffalo will compete to get to the finish line in the fastest category.

Usually, this tradition is held at 07.30 in July, August, September, October, and November 2 times a month.

3. Pandan War
This tradition comes from Tengenan Pegringsingan Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali. The indigenous people of Tenganan village call the geret pandan tradition as Mekare-Kare.

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By holding a pandanus war ritual, the villagers of Tenganan believe they will avoid bad things.

During the Pandan War ritual in Tenganan Pegringsingan village, two village youths will fight in an arena. The two youths would attack each other by rubbing thorny pandan leaves on their opponent's back.

4. Ogoh-ogoh Parade
One day before Nyepi Day, there is a tradition carried out by Balinese Hindus called ngerupuk/pengerupukan. In the afternoon all residents will perform an ogoh-ogoh parade.
Ogoh-ogoh is a giant statue made of light so that it can be paraded on the highway.

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5. Ngaben
One of the ceremonies that are often performed in Bali is the Ngaben ceremony. A cremation ceremony performed for people of caste on the island of Bali and is one of the important ceremonies in Balinese Hindu cultural traditions.

What makes the Ngaben ceremony unique in Bali is that as a means of transporting corpses from the house to the cremation site, it uses "Wadah" in Balinese which means place.

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