Pampering the Eyes at the Famous Ubud Bali Tourist Destination

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Pampering the Eyes at the Famous Ubud Bali Tourist Destination
Pampering the Eyes at the Famous Ubud Bali Tourist Destination (foto:pinterest)


Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which is famous for its beautiful beaches, besides that Bali also saves a lot of tourist attractions, one of which is Ubud.

A tourist destination that is a destination for tourists to come to Bali. Ubud itself is located in the central part of the island of Bali, known as the center of traditional dances and crafts.

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The vast expanse of rain forests and terraces makes Ubud an attraction for both local and foreign tourists. Bali's most famous landscape.

The main attraction of Ubud tourism is in the beauty of the natural charm of the countryside, it is an attraction for local and foreign tourists to visit Ubud as a way to get rid of fatigue and tiredness of work.

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Tegalalang rice terraces, this destination is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the cool nature of the rice fields that stretch as wide as the eye can see.

Besides the Tegalalang rice terraces, there is one that must be included in your vacation list to Ubud, namely Monkey Forest Ubud, from The name has also been imagined, isn't this place?

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 If in your mind you imagine your forest is absolutely correct, Monkey Forest Ubud is a protected forest that is still beautiful and there are many monkeys roaming freely here.

And there are many other tourist attractions that are no less dancing, so what are you waiting for, schedule a vacation for you guys this weekend and don't forget to keep an eye on other beautiful and interesting travel info.(put)

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