Travel by Exploring Pindul Cave

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 Travel by Exploring Pindul Cave
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Pindul Cave is now a tourist attraction that is often visited by tourists, this cave is also being hunted by Jogja tourism lovers.

This cave is known for its beauty by going through the cave using a float tire in an underground river in the cave, this is called cave tubing.

Pindul cave river flow itself is long from the mouth of the cave to the end of the cave, Pindul cave itself has a length of about 350 meters, so if you come here you explore this cave it will take less than 1 hour. Pindul Cave is located in Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul.

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This cave has existed since ancient times and is one of the natural caves owned by Gunung Kidul, and it turns out that this cave also has a legendary story. In ancient times there were envoys from Senopati, namely Ki Juru Mertani and Ki Ageng Panembahan they were sent to kill babies, but they did not because their hearts had been melted by the baby.

At that time Ki Juru Mertani set foot on the ground and when he set foot and formed a hole which turned out to be under the hole there was a stream of very clear water, then the two of them bathed the baby, the cheek of the baby hit one of the the walls of the cave so that the cave is called the pindul cave.

Pindul cave name is taken from the term pindul which consists of two words namely 'pipi' and 'kebendul' so it can be interpreted or shortened to pindul.

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Cave tubing is one of the activities that you must try if you come here, and if you come here you will be presented with 3 zones in Pindul cave, namely, a light, dim and dark zone. Cave tubing is almost similar to white water rafting, which is the same as tracing the river, only this is done using an inner tube.

So, how is it? You are interested in this tour, you should try to come here because here there are also many other natural beauties that you will see while in this Pindul cave.

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