This Mataram Islamic Center has 5 towers, one of which has a height of up to 99 meters

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This Mataram Islamic Center has 5 towers, one of which has a height of up to 99 meters
This Mataram Islamic Center has 5 towers, one of which has a height of up to 99 meters/Pinterest


The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. In every region in Indonesia, there must be a mosque with a different beauty. The atmosphere of the mosque is always calming so that Muslims who worship in the mosque will feel calm. In addition, praying or performing other services in the mosque makes a person more solemn. Lombong is famous as the island of a thousand mosques because this is where the mosques gather with dazzling beauty. Tourists who come to Lombok are required to worship at the Great Mosque of Hubbul Wattan. 

The Great Mosque of Hubbul Wattan or better known as the Islamic Center of Mataram was built on March 9, 2010 and completed on December 15, 2013. The construction of this mosque is indeed not as short as the concept chosen for its construction is so stunning. Islamic Center Mataram has an area of ​​74,749 square meters and has 4 domes, 5 floors, and 5 towers. This mosque was inaugurated by TGB. H.M Zainul Majdi. 

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Mataram Islamic Center has 5 manara, one of the towers here has a height of 99 meters which symbolizes Asmaul Husna. This mosque is able to accommodate congregations of 15 thousand people to pray, and usually this place is used for other big events. If tourists want to know more about this mosque, tourists can just come to the secretariat which serves as an information center. From this secretariat, tourists can find out the activities held at the mosque, the history of the mosque's construction and various things related to the mosque. 

The Islamic Center Mataram has a very unique concept, starting from its design with the batik pattern of the West Nusa Tenggara tribe to its shape resembling mosques in the holy land. No wonder the NTB government has made this mosque a place of religious tourism, because many foreign tourists come here to see the beauty of this place of worship.   

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Route and Location 

The Great Mosque of Hubbul Wattan has a strategic location, because it is in the center of Mataram city, precisely located on Jl. Longko, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara. The route that must be taken by tourists to get to this place is very easy and does not take too long. Ticket Prices and Facilities Tourists who want to come to the Islamic Center of Mataram do not need to pay to buy tickets, because anyone who wants to enter this mosque is free of charge at all. 

The facilities in this place are very complete, including: 

- Parking area 

- Toilet 

- Ballroom 

- Education area 

- Study area 

- Commercial area 

- Sharia hotel area 

- Elevator. (NL) 

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