Kuta Beach, a Very Popular Bali mainstay tourist Destination

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Kuta Beach, a Very Popular Bali mainstay tourist Destination
Kuta Beach, a Very Popular Bali mainstay tourist Destination (foto:pinterest)


Bali is indeed synonymous with waters, one of which is Kuta beach. A tourist attraction that is so popular among the people of Indonesia and outside Indonesia. This tourist spot is located in Kuta District, south of Denpasar, Bali.

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This tour has become one of the most visited places in foreign countries. Kuta Beach is a mainstay tourist attraction in Bali since the 1970s.

This beach is famous for its sunset with the right location to enjoy it. With this tourist attraction, you can swim, sunbathe, and surf.

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Because of its beauty, it is one of the many outsiders who aim to come here for a vacation. With white sand and waves that are not that big.

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Because of the diverse tourism, Bali is the best tourist destination in the world. It turns out that Kuta beach used to be a trade transportation route.

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Kuta Beach is a trading port that brings together traders from Bali with traders from various regions. From this trader, the news of the beauty of Kuta Beach spreads.

Kuta has become one of the symbols of Bali tourism. The special point of Kuta beach is the habitat of the turtles found there. Previously, Kuta Beach was a place for turtles to live, but now it is on the verge of extinction, so there is turtle maintenance in Kuta.

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