Here are 5 Tips to Make Meat Tender Quickly

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Here are 5 Tips to Make Meat Tender Quickly
Here are 5 Tips to Make Meat Tender Quickly - unsplash


There are many culinary with processed meat. Culinary that uses meat as the main ingredient is one of the many culinary delights in Indonesia that is a favorite food. Meat has a delicious and delicious taste when processed with the right technique.

Not a few people process meat but do not use this technique so that the meat can be quickly tender. There are several ways to make your meat tender quickly when cooked. You can try it at home in the following way.

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Cutting the Meat in the Opposite Direction of the Fiber
Cutting the meat against the grain is proven to make the meat tender more quickly. This technique is still rarely known by people, maybe you can try it at home.

Boil Meat with Pressure Pot
Many people are familiar with this technique. As an easy way only requires a pressure cooker. For those of you who haven't tried it, you can try this technique to make your meat tender more quickly.

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Beating Beef
This method is also rarely known by many people. It may sound te unique because hitting the meat can make the meat tender quickly. For those who are curious, you can try it at home.

Boil Meat on Low Fire Api
Have you ever heard someone say that if you cook on high heat the inside will not be cooked perfectly?. Therefore, it is the same as this one technique using a small fire.

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Papaya leaf
Most of the people who manage meat, if you hear about papaya leaves, it is already familiar. Because this technique has been tried by many people when cooking meat.

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