Authentic Indonesian Food Meatballs that are Famous to Overseas

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Authentic Indonesian Food Meatballs that are Famous to Overseas
Authentic Indonesian Food Meatballs that are Famous to Overseas (picture:pinterest)


Who is not familiar with one of the legendary foods in Indonesia?. This food is not only famous in Indonesia but is already well known abroad. The name of this food is meatballs made from meat.

Meatballs are original food from Indonesia which has a lot of fans. These meatballs are usually served with gravy added with noodles and vegetables.

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Usually, meatballs are round, but now meatballs are not only round. The various forms of meatballs do not eliminate the unique taste of Indonesia.

In general, meatballs are made from a mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour added. But until now, meatballs are not only made from beef, some are made from fish, chicken, shrimp, and even buffalo meat.

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This food is one type of food that is easily found in every area in Indonesia. This meatball is said to be easy to find because this food has many types according to the region of origin.

Most regions in Indonesia produce meatballs every day. You can find it at street vendors to upscale restaurants.
This meatball is already known in various parts of the world, but overseas it is known as a meatball.

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History of Meatballs
Bakso has its roots in Chinese-Indonesian culinary arts. This is shown from the term 'bakso' which comes from the word Bak-So, in Hokkien language which literally means 'ground meat'. Since most Indonesians are Muslim, meatballs are more commonly made from halal meat such as beef, fish, or chicken.(put)

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