Enjoyment of Duck Timbungan Typical Balinese Food with a Distinctive Taste

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Enjoyment of Duck Timbungan Typical Balinese Food with a Distinctive Taste
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In addition to the famous tourist destinations in Bali, there are also culinary specialties from Bali. Culinary preparations from ducks are legendary, one of which is the timbungan duck. Bali has a variety of culinary delights.

Timbungan duck is not as popular as betutu duck because not everyone knows the recipe for making it. Processed duck is usually enjoyed by nobles who cook by the royal chef.

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This culinary is one of the Balinese culinary that is starting to be difficult to find. With its existence that has existed since the royal era, this timbungan duck is the oldest food in Bali.

At first, the timbungan duck was served in Balinese traditional ceremonies. Duck timbungan is a dish of duck meat cooked with base genep (Balinese main seasoning blend) using bamboo blades.

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Usually, the Timbungan duck is served before Galungan Day. Seasoning of spices mixed with tender duck meat.

Just like on Eid al-Fitr, Ketupat is always a mainstay culinary. Likewise with the typical Balinese food duck
Because the timbungan duck is getting rare so it is difficult to find in Bali, but this timbungan duck can be found in restaurants in Bali.

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