The Keranjang Bali, This Place Is Not Just A Place For Ordinary Gifts

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The Keranjang Bali, This Place Is Not Just A Place For Ordinary Gifts


Bali tourism is not only popular for its natural tourist attractions which are famous for being very beautiful, such as the beaches in Bali and the hills in Bali, or a place to hang out and relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset or sunrise and dinner at Kuta Beach Club such as La Laguna Bali or Omnia Bali. When you hear Balinese souvenirs, what immediately comes to Sweet Couple's mind are Joger, Krisna, and Pie Susu Dian.
It's only natural because the three of them are very close as Balinese souvenirs. However, have you ever heard of The Basket Bali?

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The Keranjang Bali is a gift center that combines the concept of gift shops, tourist attractions, and restaurants in the Kuta area of ​​Bali. Opened in May 2019 so The Basket Bali is still relatively new and maybe Sweet Couple doesn't know about it either.

The Basket Bali is located at the location: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 97, Badung, Bali (Front Side)
Jl. Raya Kuta No.70-72, Badung, Bali (Back Side), The Basket Bali starts to open at 08.00 WITA and will close at 00.00 WITA.

The Basket where it stands on a fairly large area of ​​3 floors so it is very convenient for tourists when shopping for Balinese souvenirs there. The Basket sells a variety of good items to be used as souvenirs or souvenirs when you return home from the island of the gods, ranging from clothes, sandals, various Balinese foods and snacks, snacks, chili sauce, coffee, chocolate, handbody, wood crafts and many more. many others. As the name implies, the main concept carried by The Basket is to provide something about Bali in a basket.

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Facilities at The Basket Bali
There are various facilities offered by The Basket Bali for its visitors, namely:

1. Sky Village
Kampung Langit is the largest and the first indoor sky park in Bali and is located inside The Basket Bali. Located on the top floor of The Basket Bali building, Kampung Langit presents a representation of Balinese life which is closely related to the concept of Tri Hita Karana, namely a life that respects the Creator, fellow living beings, and the surrounding environment.

2. Saba Theater
At Saba Theater, visitors can watch a number of traditional Balinese dance performances such as martial arts attractions, theatrical Ramayana and Mahabharata, Barong dance, and fire dance.

3. Batik Class
visitors will be taught about the process of making traditional Balinese batik. Visitors will learn from drawing patterns, canting, to drying and after the batik is finished, visitors can take it home.

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4. Spa
The Basket Bali also provides spa facilities that visitors can enjoy

5. Coffee Garden
visitors can enjoy a number of famous Balinese coffee dishes such as Balinese Arabica Coffee and Bali Kintamani Coffee.
Everything is taken directly from coffee plantations in remote Bali.

6. Paon Loloh
visitors will learn to mix Loloh, which is a type of traditional Balinese herbal drink that uses natural spices.

7. Goerih Restaurant
The food provided at Goerih Restaurant is a menu of Indonesian specialties, such as Metunu Rice, Garang Asem, Betutu Chicken, Oxtail Soup, Lumpia, Soto Ayam, Es Dawet, and even Betutu Chicken Sausage. -ER

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