Tips for Choosing Glasses According to Face Shape

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Tips for Choosing Glasses According to Face Shape


In an era that places great emphasis on visual beauty, it is not uncommon for men and women to be rushed (indirectly) to always look their best. Whether it's in the way of thinking, dressing or dressing, mixing and matching accessories on the face, body, to the tips of the feet and hands, especially in other unimaginable aspects.

Either the demands of life or sometimes we are rushed by our own desires. It seems that the word 'desire' here must also be underlined and printed in bold, aka sometimes our desires are often not our urgent needs, or yes, real needs.

But even so, appearance is still important. It is undeniable, that all of us would want to have a good appearance, neat and beautiful. But again, lifestyle and standards of beauty or good looks are relative. Yes, very relative.

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On this occasion, Buddy Mata Jateng will be treated to tips and tricks for choosing or maybe buying glasses that suit your face shape. Why glasses? Because yes, the admin wants to talk about glasses today. Or yes, another reason, as we all know that glasses are now quite widespread and are used by young people, not including in Indonesia.

Who, when you go out or take pictures, likes to wear Korean-style glasses?

Hmm, again, yes, according to Mimin, it's okay to adopt or in the sense of liking things about art and styles from abroad, but don't ever forget the value context for loving your own nation. What does it have to do with glasses?

Hmm, maybe it can be conditioned again, for example, to love Indonesian domestic products that are produced in their own country. Well, so the style is not Korean, right, Min? Well, that's him. We still need innovation. It's possible that one day, one or more of the Central Java Eye Buddy who are reading this article will have their own eyewear factory by applying smart, mix-and-matched innovations from Eastern and Western styles, let alone adding Indonesian specialties, whether it's batik or not. ornaments from Sumba, Nusa Tenggara, and other parts of Indonesia.

Here are some tips for choosing glasses:

1. Oval face

Well, if you have an oval face, meaning you have a fairly broad forehead and jawline, it means you are twins with Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Beyonce. Well, luckily those who have this type of face are that any model of glasses will look okay to put on your face.

But again, don't just choose the oversized one, because you have to make sure that the shape is balanced so it doesn't cover your entire face. Oh yes, also choose a thick frame, such as a cat eye, a square with a curved wayfarer model is also good.

2. Square face

If your face is square, like Angelina Jolie's or Katie Holmes's, which means that your jaw and cheekbones are protruding, then you can try a model with a round frame or a vintage cat eye style.

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3. Round face

Owners of a round face, for example, like Ginnifer Goodwin, or Isla Fisher, have a fairly wide face, with a full and round jawline. It's suitable if you wear round and curved glasses, because this can shape your face to be rounder, but it's still okay and there's nothing wrong with trying a square or retro style wayfarer, that's great!

4. Heart-shaped face

Jennifer Lopez is the owner of a heart-shaped face, with a large and wide forehead plus a pointed and prominent chin.

Choose glasses that can accentuate your jawline, plus ones that can minimize the size of your forehead, which is quite wide. Usually the type of glasses like rimless and Jackie Oh by Rayban, or it could be aviator glasses just right, pal!

5. Oval face

Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler are some of the figures who have oval faces. Friends who have an oval face can really choose glasses that can balance the size of the face with an oversized frame. This can give the illusion that it is complete and still looks balanced, especially if the frame is thick.

Because, after all, the look of glasses like this is suitable for those of you who have fairly high cheekbones and a firm jaw. -ER

Editor: Erica Regina F

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