How to Take Care of a Baby Cat

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How to Take Care of a Baby Cat
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Taking care of a kitten or baby cat is not easy. How to care for them is different from caring for adult cats, special attention is needed in caring for baby cats. If the baby cat is still with its mother, the mother cat can provide all the needs for the baby. You can help the mother cat by providing her with food.

However, some mother cats do not want to take care of their babies. Here's how to care for a baby cat to keep it healthy and clean:

1. Let the Mother Cat Feel Comfortable
Have you ever had a cat that gave birth at home? After we give a special place, the mother cat still bites her kitten and is moved to another place? Well, for you cat lovers, you must understand that the mother cat does not feel comfortable with the place you have provided so that the mother cat continues to bite her child's neck and is moved to another place. The solution is to let the mother cat choose a comfortable place to take care of her kittens.

Do not let the mother cat stress because it causes the mother cat to no longer to want to take care of her newborn kittens.

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2. Help Give Supplementary Milk For Baby Cats
Sometimes baby cats don't get enough milk from their mothers, with us helping to provide additional milk for baby cats it can meet nutritional needs and prevent dehydration.

3. Pay attention to the mother cat's food intake
You must pay attention to the food intake for the mother cat because it greatly affects the development of the kittens. Nutrients and protein for a nursing mother cat are needed for the development of the kittens and the mother cat.

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