World Ice Cream Tour Bali, with a Very Interesting Concept

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 World Ice Cream Tour Bali, with a Very Interesting Concept
World Ice Cream Tour Bali, with a Very Interesting Concept/pinterest


Bali is a tourist place that is not boring from the many tours that you can visit, maybe you have to go back and forth often so that you can visit all of the tours in Bali.

Regarding holidays to Bali, there is always a new place that offers tours with different and interesting activities. As with the presence of Ice World Bali, this newly opened tourist spot in 2018 has a very different nuance, full of fun and colors that are certainly very interesting.

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Maybe not many people know about Bali's ice world, but what you should know is that if you come here you will get ice cream that is liked by many people, especially teenagers.

Not only is there ice cream here, but you can also take pictures, because here there are lots of very good and instragamable photo spots, so this place is much liked by millennials who like to take selfies, maybe it will be a complete addition if you come to this place. .

For ice cream itself, it may be familiar among young people, adults and small children are usually one of the favorite foods for you, therefore why ice cream world bali provides this place not only all flavors of ice cream are here, but also available. some great places that you should capture.

In every few rooms this place has a different theme so you can capture a lot of moments here, and it turns out that this place is also not too crowded, therefore you can freely and as much as you want to take pictures here without having to queue.

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The location of this world ice cream is on Jl. Raya By Pass, Ngura Rai Pedungan, South Denpasar, Denpasar.

Entrance ticket price here;

Adults Rp. 100,000/person

Children Rp. 50,000/person

This ticket includes an ice cream or gelato ticket, this place is open from 10.00 to 21.00.

So how about DEPOSTBALI friends, this place must be very exciting, this place can be a recommendation for those of you who want to go on vacation to Bali. - ER

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