Visiting Bali Denpasar Museum Tour which Has Many Attractions

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 Visiting Bali Denpasar Museum Tour which Has Many Attractions
Visiting Bali Denpasar Museum Tour which Has Many Attractions/Pinterest


Bali does have many stunning tourist attractions, but the most famous category in Bali is the Denpasar Bali Museum. In this Bali museum, if you visit here, you will find a lot of important information related to human civilization, especially Balinese people from various ages.

At that time this museum was founded from W.F.J Kroon which is the residence of South Bali from foreigners, then the more here the development progressed until 2000 was taken over by the Bali Provincial Government.

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This place also turns out to have its own charm and interesting facts about this place also make it wrong to know where to aim for a pre-wedding place.

Inside this museum, there are four buildings named Karangsem Building, Buleelng Building, Tabanan Building, and East Building. Each building has different contents with special categories.

And from these four kegung you can produce the best photos with a very different atmosphere. You can find various kinds of collections in this place ranging from traditional ceremonies, weapons, agricultural objects, to tools for religious events, you can also see many art items such as inscriptions owned by the Balinese people.

The address of this bali museum is at jl. mayor wisnu Denpasar bali 80232. If you come here you will not bother going here because the place is very strategic and very easy to reach because this bali museum is in the position of downtown Denpasar.

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There are facilities at the Bali museum

  • Burden Pavilion

Showing the architectural style of south bali with ethnographic and artistic collections and objects.

  • Karangasem Pavilion

This building depicts typical eastern Balinese art with archaeological collections and historical relics.

  • Buleleng Pavilion

Here it symbolizes the dominant architectural characteristics of northern Bali, which has a collection of simple clay sculptures and various tools of community life in Bali and their equipment.

If you come here you can pay a ticket for Rp. 5,000 only, but if you want to do prewedding you have to pay around Rp. 150,000 . - ER

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