Peek at the Beauty of Ulun Danu Temple Bratan Bedugul Tabanan Bali

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Peek at the Beauty of Ulun Danu Temple Bratan Bedugul Tabanan Bali
Peek at the Beauty of Ulun Danu Temple Bratan Bedugul Tabanan Bali - pinterest

BALI, DEPOSTBALI- Bali, which is famous for its temples, makes this temple tourism city mushrooming in various tourist destinations with beautiful temple objects and attracts tourists.

One of them is Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Bedugul Tabanan Bali, this tour is located on the shores of Lake Baratan Bedugul. Ulun means edge and Danu means lake. So Ulun Danu means a temple on the shores of a lake.

This tour is located on a plateau about 1200 meters above sea level, not only the beautiful scenery but also the very cool air.

Ulun Danu Temple is a tour that includes the most visitors on the island of Bali. In addition to the uniqueness of Balinese architecture, the arrangement of the gardens with various types of flowers and the natural environment is enchanting.

At the entrance gate of the Ulun Danu Bratan Bedugul Temple, you can already see the Bentar Temple, the unique architecture of the temple, the beautiful atmosphere, the cool air and the clean environment.

The main attraction is the two temples which are located by the lake and can be seen floating on the surface of Lake Beratan. Photos of the two temples that are seen floating in the middle of Lake Bratan were once in the IDR 50,000 currency.

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History and Location of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

history Ulun Danu Beratan Temple was built in 1634 by I Gusti Agung Putu (King of the Mengwi Kingdom). The construction of the temple functions or is intended for the worship of God Almighty, in its manifestation as Tri Murti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). To invoke the fertility of agricultural land, the prosperity of society, human welfare and the preservation of nature in order to avoid disasters.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is an icon of Bali tourism, in addition to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. The location of the Ulun Danu Beratan temple is on the west side of Lake Bedugul. The address is on Jalan Raya Bedugul, Candi Kuning, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency.

For those of you who want to see the sunset or sunrise at this location, lodging is also available around the temple. -RS

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