The Mystery of Sakkah Baby Statue, Sacred Statue in Banjar Blah Tanah Gianyar Bali

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The Mystery of Sakkah Baby Statue, Sacred Statue in Banjar Blah Tanah Gianyar Bali
The Mystery of Sakkah Baby Statue, Sacred Statue in Banjar Blah Tanah Gianyar Bali - Istimewa


Bali is a tourism place that has unique and historical places, many ancient buildings are identical with important philosophies about the meaning of life.

One of them you can find in Gianyar, a large baby statue that adorns Jalan Raya in the Banjar Blah Tanah area.
Many call this statue the Sakah Baby Statue. However, the actual name of this statue is Sang Hyang Brahma Lelare which is a symbol of Sang Hyang Shiva Buddha.

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A giant baby statue sitting cross-legged facing south on Jalan Raya Sakah, Banjar Blah Tanah, Batuan Kaler, Sukawati, Gianyar. On the left and right of this statue, two pule trees grow, while around the statue, the garden is arranged in such a way with an iron fence that is not too high.

In 1989, Cokorda Darana, who was the regent of Gianyar at that time, held a meeting with a number of historians and officers from the Batuan traditional village. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the construction of statues at intersections three and four in the Gianyar Regency.

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The first meeting was fruitless because most suggested building a puppet statue or Captain I Wayan Dipta, who was a freedom fighter from Gianyar. After the second meeting, a statue of Brama Lelare was built in the form of a giant baby.

Ida Bagus Balik is a descendant of a donor who is also the originator of the construction of this statue. Where he had time to meditate to get instructions on what kind of statue to be made, then through a dream he finally got instructions to make a statue in the shape of a baby.

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The form of this baby has a philosophy of being from the birth of humans in the world. According to Ida Bagus Balik, this statue was built in Sakah because the land located at the intersection of three Jalan Raya Sakah is niscally called Blah Tanah Sake Ah. This means that in the middle of the hemisphere there is a sake (scene or pillar) and ah (no boundary between bottom and top).

Jero Mangku Ketut Widiantara, who is also a stakeholder there, added that the child born from the meeting of Shiva and Buddha was Brahmin Lelare or a baby who was literate since birth.

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While related some call it the Sakah Statue because Sakah comes from the word Saka, which means a sturdy pole or pillar

Now, this statue is considered sacred by the local community, even outside Gianyar. From the news circulating, this baby statue can cry. In addition to crying, some saw this statue turned to the viewer.

The magic of the baby statue even made people pray at the statue and some even asked for a smooth life and asked for prosperity.

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