Here are 5 habits of girls that can bring death

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Here are 5 habits of girls that can bring death
Here are 5 habits of girls that can bring death (pict:unsplash)


Every living being will surely meet with death or death. Every woman wants to have an attractive appearance and look beautiful. But there are some to avoid.

Not everything that women usually use will be fine without any side effects or consequences. Here are some things to avoid especially for girls.

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plucking eyebrow hair
Pulling out the eyebrow hair before applying make-up is not recommended, because it will open the skin pores and allow chemicals to enter it.

Sitting with your legs crossed
Who would have thought this trivial trivial habit was dangerous. According to research, sitting with your legs crossed can inhibit blood circulation to the pelvis, of course, this is dangerous for women, especially for pregnant women.

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Combing hair when it's still wet
Combing hair when it is still wet can cause hair loss. The way to comb your hair after shampooing is when your hair is half wet, you can dry your hair using a towel.

Many women braid their hair in a ponytail because it is more practical. Even though this can cause baldness, to avoid it you can loosen the lock a little.

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Using a face mask is too thick
Using a face mask that is too thick can make the skin pores closed and unable to breathe, this will result in discoloration of the skin to be unhealthy.

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